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The Seneca Nation is working to build an
equitable renewable energy future.

We want to support other Native communities
in joining us. 

equitable renewable energy future

A leader in Native energy, the Seneca Nation has advanced community wind and solar projects operating to lower the bills of Seneca Nation members and benefit the Nation as a whole.

Seneca Solar is a solar developer and climate consultancy owned and controlled by the Seneca Nation. Our mission is to profitably and equitably deliver innovative climate solutions that heal the Earth. A division of Seneca Holdings, which delivers over $300M in products and services annually, Seneca Solar has the size and infrastructure to support projects of any size.

Join us to build an equitable renewable energy future.

  • Prioritizing Earth-healing outcomes

  • Delivering exceptional results

  • Creating training and employment

  • Investing for the Seventh Generation

Why Seneca Solar?

Maximize Earth-Healing and Community Benefits

As a Tribally owned business, Seneca Solar specializes in helping Native communities deliver renewable energy projects.

Your community is like no other. Seneca Solar designs strategies to meet your specific goals. Starting from wherever you are in your journey, we will work together to determine your unique needs, assess opportunities, and develop a plan tailored to your community.

Our creative, innovative approach enables us to develop Earth-healing strategies that exceed your goals — helping you maximize your positive impact and community benefits as part of an equitable clean energy transition.

  • You can trust Seneca Solar to put your needs first.

    We offer a new way of doing business that flips the old, extractive model. We combine a deep appreciation of Tribal sovereignty with a flexible approach that prioritizes your needs and goals.

  • You can rely on our size and experience to deliver.

    We understand the opportunities and complexities of Native enterprise. We have the infrastructure, financial stability, and experience to achieve successful project and community outcomes.

  • You can make a bigger impact while enjoying greater benefits.

    We look beyond the standard approaches to energy projects to add features that benefit people and heal the Earth — we call these “+1s.”

How We Can Help You

Tribes have unprecedented new opportunities to meet their energy needs and generate income through renewable energy projects. But federal programs to support Tribes are still in development and mostly untested. Seneca Solar can help you navigate the complex options to benefit from these programs.

Working together, we can help define and support your energy goals. Depending on your goals and needs, we can support you to:

  • Host renewable energy projects and receive income.
  • Own renewable energy projects for long-term economic development.

Ways We Can Work Together to
Create an Equitable Renewable Energy Future

  • Help define and support your energy goals.

  • Set you up to host a renewable energy project and receive income.

  • Support you in becoming an owner of renewable energy projects for long-term economic development.

Our Consulting Services

Energy Assessment

Analyze energy use, energy priorities, and resilience needs; conduct feasibility studies for projects that can achieve your goals.

Onsite Energy Projects

Leveraging our experience and strength in project execution, plan, design, and manage projects that will directly benefit your community: energy efficiency, demand charge management, onsite renewables such as solar+storage, emergency resilience for critical loads, building and transportation electrification, and EV charging.

Environmental Support

Provide climate change mitigation and adaptation planning; manage storm water; conduct site remediation; provide biodiversity support; employ tree planting and/or natural regeneration techniques for clean air, carbon sequestration, and habitat restoration.

Financing Support

Tailor the appropriate financing strategy for each project; maximize government support through proper structuring, financing solutions, and grants.

Offsite Energy Projects

Support your community in becoming site hosts, owners, and builders of unique renewable energy projects, which can include agrivoltaics, community solar, utility-scale solar, and solar manufacturing facilities.

Economic Development

Create collaborative partnerships with companies, institutions, and organizations that maximize positive community impacts; develop opportunities for values-aligned business growth; provide custom, culturally appropriate workforce development and educational opportunities to the community; develop a Native utility or other institution.

Partner with Us to Build an Equitable Renewable Energy Future

Let us support you on your journey to energy independence. By helping you take charge of your energy system and economic development, Seneca Solar will empower your community to transform your challenges into unparalleled benefits. To get started, contact us using the form below.

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